“To know God’s will, we must be assured of God’s love. Discernment depends on a deep trust in God’s good intentions toward us.” -Adele Calhoun

The story goes, philosopher John Kavanaugh traveled to India searching for a new perspective on life by learning more about poverty. He traveled long and far to join the work in Calcutta, at the House of the Dying. There he served the poor, the sick, and the dying, and there he also sought guidance from Mother Teresa.

One of his first mornings there, he met Mother Teresa. She asked him, “What can I do for you?” He asked that she pray for him.

She asked “What shall I pray for?”  He asked her to pray for clarity.

She said “No. I will not do that.” I imagine he was a bit taken aback, and after a short time he asked her why.

She said “Clarity is what you cling too tightly to, and must let go.” She said she had never had clarity, that all she had was trust. Then she said that she would pray that he trust God.

As we pray our way through these months, asking and listening and asking and listening, may we seek to bring both our heads and our hearts into alignment with God’s will. May we attend to the passions God has placed in us, make space for the passions God has placed in others, let go of any desire for clarity, and seek to trust the God who loves us.

May it be so.


Captain of the Moorish Idols Prayer School


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