Honor the Journey

It has been quite a journey since October. Writing this blog post is a journey as well. May God bless these words and the people that read them.

First, I want to speak about what I observed during this process.

  • The group changed in size from week to week.  Why was that? I do know that LaSallers are very busy with work, family, friends, career, school, etc. Elizabeth and I had prepared so I did not need to not worry about why people are coming or not.  We would enjoy meeting with the people present. One of our best discussions was with a smaller group In March. We discussed the tree and its branches–areas of ministry where we feel the Lord calling us.
  • One of my concerns was being an introvert and leading a group.  But with preparation, prayer and feeling accepted by participants in the school, it worked out.  Having a partner in leadership was also helpful.
  • It was good to connect with people that I had known in the past. I also enjoyed meeting new people.  There was a warmth in our group that I appreciated very much. It was a blessing to celebrate birthdays and enjoy each other’s company.
  • Whether we are engaged in a discussion, prayer or sitting in silence, we are to be God’s people.  God comes, and maybe not in the way we think he should come. God came to Elijah, not in the fire or the earthquake but in sheer silence. (I Kings 19) Sometimes he seems far away. But, as Carl Jung wrote, “Bidden or unbidden, God is present.”
  • There is a sacredness and an honor around LaSalle’s history. Our past must always be respected. The past informs and helps us shape our future. We learn from past mistakes, enabling us to move on.  We cannot be tied to the past.

Next, I would like to describe some highlights.

  • The first prayer school session in October was about God’s abundance. We have an abundant Lord and know this to be the true, whether it is in the $500 check or the 1.4 million windfall. We have heard many stories about how people invested their $500 checks in the lives of others. Out of abundance we have received and we have given.  We are grateful. God’s love endures forever. (Psalm 136)
  • The mini-summit and fall retreat were wonderful times of being connected to God and each other.
  • The five trees are consistent with our ministry and follow what God has called us to do in our church, neighborhood, and abroad.
  • In May we will wrap up our sessions.  We will praise our God for the meetings we had together and thank him for his faithfulness. Let every creature praise his holy name forever and ever. (Psalm 145:21)

During my testimony in March, I mentioned the power of the Holy Spirit.  May that spirit move in us, through us, and around us, granting us grace, peace, and wisdom. Let us ask God to guide each one of us as we journey with him. And may he continue to guide LaSalle Street church.

In Christ’s Love,
Ruth Ann Webb

Captain of the Lionfish Prayer School


2 thoughts on “Honor the Journey

  1. I like your comments about the past, Ruth Ann–that we need to honor it but also not to let it tie us up in knots. (At least, that’s how I interpreted what you wrote!) This tension about the past is always with us, I think. There are two quotes I often share with my students when we are investigating the Roman world of Jesus and Paul.

    1. “The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there.” (opening lines of the novel “The Go-Between,” by L. P. Hartley)
    2. “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” (from William Faulkner’s “Requiem for a Nun”)

    For me this means that, in God’s grace, our LSC heritage is still influencing us even though it happened a long time ago and in differing circumstances. Thank you for reminding me of the Holy Spirit’s presence in this whole mysterious process of life.

    • Hi Annette. Thanks for your comments. I really appreciated your words. I hope you are having a good day. Ruth Ann

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