A Song of Praise, Prayer, Laughter, and yes, even Discernment



Give thanks to God for twelve new friends
and for having a voice in something big

Give thanks for being asked to risk
for being scared and challenged and stretched

Give thanks for being urged to pray
to dream big, and dare to share
our thoughts and hopes, and even our fears

Give thanks to God for the heritage of LSC
our remarkable history – that helps us remember where we’ve been
and the future God calls us to begin

Give thanks for wild eyed optimism and down to earth questions
for discussions that are passionate yet never turn to arguments

Give thanks for leadership that pushed us to imagine
to trust God, trust ourselves, and trust the process

Give thanks to God for community
For coffee and wine, and meals shared
for laughter around tables and hospitality

Give thanks and thanks again for the love between us that will go on
even when this process ends.

Discerning this reality
May turn out to be the greatest gift of all.

By the Far West (Damselfish) Prayer School


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