It’s Almost Planting Time    


I really don’t like to waste stuff. Right now, at the beginning of a new vegetable garden season, I want to plant some of the seeds left over from last year. If you have ever purchased seeds you know that they always give you ten times more seed then you end up using. I still have cucumber seeds, zucchini, carrot, beets, and more. The troubling thing is that the torn open, slightly dirty seed packages have dates clearly printed on them, “PACKED FOR 2014, SELL BY 11/14.” Translation: don’t even think about using these old seeds.

A couple years ago I came up with a plan. I take four or five seeds from each package of last year’s collection and I test them. I put the seeds on a piece of wet paper towel and I fold the towel over creating a cozy waterbed. The whole thing goes into a plastic bag. Now I wait and watch to see which seeds sprout. You not only get to see if your seeds are any good, sprouting seeds provide wonderful pre-season joy for garden lovers.



I think the Loaves and Fishes process has some parallels to this seed sprouting experiment.  For months now, LaSalle Street Church has been collecting lots of ideas for how to use the Atrium funds. These ideas have come from prayer schools, interviews, a mini summit, individuals, the Loaves and Fishes Leadership Council and more. The ideas have gone through an incubation time where they have been prayed over, tested, fasted for, researched, discussed and brainstormed.

Some of the ideas have sprouted and seem ready to be planted. These ideas have met certain criteria. The criteria include such things as whether the idea meets a need expressed by the community, whether the church has passion for the idea, or whether the idea advances the values of the church.  We are close to the time when these precious ideas will be planted in good soil, fertilized, watched over and cared for.

Will all the ideas supported by the Atrium fund grow and flourish? Will they all continue to produce fruit years from now? Just like the seeds I plant in my garden, there are no guarantees. But, I am confidant that all of us at LSC will tend our precious seedlings well.

Linda Jones

Captain of the Triggerfish Prayer School


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