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Articles from the Chair

November 26, 2014

January 2, 2015

January 28, 2015

February 11, 2015

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Idea Trees


What is the difference between loveletgo.com and our #loveletgo Facebook page?

loveletgo.com is a web site that provides information about the project. The #loveletgo Facebook page is a place to hear what others are saying and to exchange thoughts and ideas. The Facebook page has many contributors and is a great place for sharing quick stories; as is the case with all Facebook content, however, it is not easily searchable or organized. The website is curated by the LaSalle staff, and serves as a searchable, organized resource for information and materials about the project.


Why was I given $500 before we started the discernment process?

The pastoral staff and elders were engaged in a discernment process long before the congregation was officially invited to participate. Out of that discernment process came the idea for the $500 gifts. We wanted to give the $500 very early in the process as a way of generating excitement and enthusiasm. We also wanted everyone in the congregation to feel like a stakeholder. We hoped that the $500 gifts would help build widespread involvement and interest and would be a wellspring from which many viable alternatives would appear.


How can I contribute an idea?

You can contribute an idea in many different ways. (1) If you are attending one of the monthly Loaves & Fishes gatherings, you may submit an idea at one of those meetings. Your captain will make sure your idea gets on the table. (2) You can send an email message to LeadershipCouncil@lasallestreetchurch.org. (3) You can attend the Big Ideas Mini Summit on January 30, 2015. (4) You can attend the next after-church meeting. (5) You can contact a Council member directly via email. You find all the names and e-mail addresses at http://loveletgo.com/leadership-council-contact-info.


How long will we be gathering ideas?

We will gather ideas at least until the end of January, 2015.


Before I contribute an idea, should I do any specific research around it?

Not necessarily, but farther down the road the more you know about your idea, the more the Council will be able to evaluate your idea and weigh it against other ideas. At this early stage we just want ideas, no matter how crazy they seem. You don’t need to do a lot of research to determine if your idea is viable or not. Just put it out there and see where it goes. This is the time to open up the possibilities as wide as we can. The time for narrowing will come later.


Who ultimately votes on the ideas, and when?

The congregation will vote at the next annual meeting in June, 2015. Before that vote takes place, the Leadership Council will make a recommendation to the Elder Board, which will in turn make a recommendation to the congregation for a vote next June.


Will the money be used for one project or for various projects?

We’re not sure yet. Multiple projects means spreading the impact across multiple issues which diminishes the potential impact of each project. Going with a single project means that our focus will be narrower, but we will have the potential for much greater impact with that single project. We will weigh this question as we review the various ideas that come in.


Will this money be used to balance the budget?

At this point, no idea has been taken off the table. At the same time, it is unlikely the Atrium Village resources would be used to cover the existing church budget gap. The gap is an immediate need; we will not make recommendations for the $1.44 million until June.


Could our $1.44 million project or projects be the same as some of the projects to which we are giving our $500?

Yes. Some of the $500 contributions will certainly go toward projects that would be worthy of the entire $1.44 million. We see the $500 gifts as potential ideas for the big project or projects.


What is the timeline for making a decision about the $1.44 million?

We hope to make a final decision in time for the June, 2015 annual congregational meeting. November through January will be a time for gathering ideas. January through April will be a time to evaluate and compare different ideas. April through June will be a time for building consensus as we move toward a final decision.


When will we hear about specific ideas to pray about?

We’ll end our January 30th Big Ideas Mini Summit with some clear ideas, and we invite the congregation to pray about these ideas from that point forward. We also anticipate ideas may emerge from other channels throughout January-May. It is too early to say at what date we anticipate sharing final or near-final ideas for prayer; however we will work to be as transparent as possible throughout the process. Please don’t wait until we formally share ideas to begin praying: we believe God’s hand is at work through your prayers already.


What if there is great disagreement about the use of this money?

The Leadership Council is committed to working as openly and honestly with each other as we possibly can. We intend to air our disagreements with respect and consideration for each other. While we do not anticipate great disagreement, we nevertheless created a covenant for our group that provides the broad framework and principles under which we will work together, no matter the circumstances. You may view this covenant here.  We’ve also agreed to incorporate discernment exercises, such as those featured in the book “The Way of Discernment,” throughout our decision-making process. We hope that grace-filled dialogue and active prayer/discernment will move us forward with clarity.


Do we have to spend all of the money at the end of the nine-month discernment process?

No. It is hard to effectively and wisely spend $1.44 million all at once. The end of the discernment process will be the time to start spending the money. Depending on the nature of the project or projects that we choose, we might spend the money over a period of weeks, months or even years after we make a final decision.


Where is the money right now?

Rather than sitting idle in the bank, the $1.44 million was used to pay off the existing mortgage on Cornerstone Center. By continuing to make mortgage payments – to ourselves – this decision means that the $1.44 million will grow by roughly $40,000 over the next several months. Please don’t misunderstand: this does not mean that we have already decided to use the money to pay off the mortgage. It only means that we are doing our best to be good stewards of the money while we decide what to do with it. When it comes time to spend the money on a project, Cornerstone Center will take out a new mortgage such that all of the original $1.44 million plus interest will be available. We believe this is good stewardship of the resources we’ve been given.


How was the leadership council chosen?

Pastor Laura proposed the creation of a Leadership Council that could work in tandem with but independently from the Elder Board, allowing the group to work in a focused way on just this piece. After giving a broad invitation at the congregational meeting in June 2014, Pastor Laura worked with the one who volunteered, LSC member Amber Johnson, to compile a list of possible members; Linda Jones, moderator of the elder board, was consulted throughout.

In establishing the Leadership Council, their goal was to get people who represented a broad cross-section of the church. Amber and Laura contacted each person on the list to gauge their willingness and ability to serve on the council. The final group of council members represent a broad range of ages and backgrounds. Some are fairly new to LaSalle; others have been there for decades. All bring different complementary skills to the table.


What is discussed at a leadership council meeting?

In the council’s first two meetings we have worked hard to lay some groundwork for the way our committee operates in the months to come. We have learned some things about each other and what we each bring to the Council. We have discussed our own personal assumptions about what we would do with the money. We have discussed the processes and procedures we would follow as a team. We have talked about the various ways we will communicate with the congregation. Each month, please be sure to visit the loveletgo.com website to read an update on the Council’s progress, written by the Chair. Going forward, the council will begin to look closely at the ideas emerging from our prayer schools and the interview process. We’ll prayerfully research and assess ideas throughout the spring, before reaching a consensus in May/June.

More questions? Contact LeadershipCouncil@lasallestreetchurch.org.


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